About Us

Just over a year ago, two idiotic twenty-year olds in the middle of their university degree decided to travel the world over ice cream.

Fast forward a few months and you’ll find us in Thailand, a duo of over-qualified backpackers, on the road for just over eight months. Made broke by our degrees, this is travel-on-a-dime: hostels, trains, bicycles and street food are all on the menu, 5* luxury resorts definitely aren’t.

We’ve decided to document this almost-certain road to disaster in the form of a travel blog. Half of our duo is Myrthe, a psychology/neuroscience graduate and now part-time photographer, the other is Eva, a politics-criminology graduate and now part-time writer.

What sets us apart from the rest of the myriad of travel blogs is our entertaining, witty take on the traditionally quite descriptive “this is what we did today” kind of blogs. We infuse each piece that we write with our daily disasters, fully aware that we’re making fun of ourselves. But in each blog post is a hidden message of wisdom: don’t do what we did.

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