So. Here we sit. Day 118.

The sun is blistering overhead, the green of the palm trees surrounding our little café is almost obnoxiously bright. Gentle indie music lulls us into a content silence as we chew on our avocado toast. Our eyes drift lazily to the road, where countless surfers zoom past on their snoopy scooters, their surfboards strapped to their sides, lovingly tucked into oversized knitted socks.

We’re so not ready to leave this place.

It’s been almost four months since we left our beloved Europe, we’re almost halfway through this trip. And today marks the last day of our asian adventure.

It feels surreal at this point more than anything. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else than this crazy continent. Our homes seem so bland in comparison with the bright colours, sounds and people of southeast Asia. Greece seems so dry. England so devoid of colour. Slovakia so damn cold. Holland so… organised.

And though we do, of course, have our moments of euronostalgia (symptoms include craving german bread, belgian beer, dutch cheese, french wine, greek olive oil and italian pasta), this place more than compensates. No, you don’t have Holland’s perfect public transport system in Indonesia, but you have scooters and a beautiful lack of police controls. No, you don’t have the Alps in China, but you do have karst peaks so alien and beautiful they make you feel like you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up on a different planet. No, you don’t always have friendly, attentive waiters in Malaysia, but you have food so good and cheap it makes your eyes water. No, you don’t have cosy warm moments in front of the fire after a long cold day in Thailand, but you have the sea. You get the idea.

So, in short, although we’re dying with excitement over our next destination, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic today. And to celebrate this nostal-asia, here’s a collection of some of our most memorable moments in Southeast Asia.

Here’s to the next half of our trip! ❤️

The futuristic landscape of Hong Kong
First impressions of China
First and last time trying spicy Northern Thai cuisine
The deadly walk across Pai Canyon
Deep in thought at the waterfalls of Kanchanaburi
Koh Tao Sunsets
Last image taken with Myrthe’s beloved Canon, Phi Phi Islands
A good ol’ sit on top of a mountain in Krabi
Stunning tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands
indoor wonders in Singapore
futuristic yoga studio’s in Ubud
rare moment of us getting along
Braving the scooter for the first time…
Boiling to death in paradise
Scaling a volcano to look at a volcano 


5 thoughts on “Nostal-asia

  1. There are some incredible shots here. And that face you pulled eating that food! Haha. Anyways, I need to travel to remember what I miss back home. Also, what I have been missing by not travelling. It’s a win-win to step onto that plane!


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