Oh yeah, we should probably let people know we’re in Malaysia…

As the title subtly shows, we’ve changed location again… except we’ve become very poor at informing you guys, as the last two posts already kind of hinted at, so actually this ‘update’ is kind of a week late.

So what have we been up to since we last posted two weeks ago? Too much to cram into one post, so I’m going to do this bullet point style. Goes to show that I’ve officially lost all my UCU education, and I’m writing lists instead of essays.

October 14th: Ao Nang, Thailand.

Having had enough of our boredom streak of the last couple of days, we took drastic measures and put our middle fingers up at rainy season. With angry clouds looming overhead, we marched on to a little longtail boat and demanded passage to Railey beach. The captain raised his eyebrows in surprise but we looked too stubborn and were offering too much money for him to say no.

Of course in our blind determination we forgot to take into account the minor insignificant detail that the path we wanted to climb was more of a rock face with a rope hanging down, and that we wouldn’t even be able to set foot on the rocks without the winds and rain mercilessly beating us back to the ground. But us being us, we were too determined to not spoil the day so ended up climbing rocks covered by overhanging cliffs, keeping us dry, and went swimming in a gorgeous bay. I mean, we were wet anyway, what difference was it going to make. But as these pictures demonstrate, the rain took it’s toll.


October 15th: Krabi Town, Thailand.

The rain of the day before made us even more determined not to waste the day. So we decided to do what 231daysofsun does best… hike. This time it was to the Tiger Cave Temple, a bitch nestled comfortably at the top of a mountain, very easily accessible… if you’re willing to climb the 1237 staircases to the top. And we were willing. Until about halfway up, then we lost our determination a little bit. But as these slightly poor iPhone pictures show, the view was more than worth our suffering.


October 16th: Krabi jungle, Thailand.

So. We had climbed rocks. We’d climbed staircases. Were we done? Hell no. We hadn’t climbed through the jungle yet. So October 16th marked the day we scaled a mountain. 12 km in 34 degree humid jungle heat. Safe to say the jungle mercilessly slaughtered us. But we have the pictures to prove how worth it it was.


October 17th: Waree Raksa, Thailand.

MYRTHE’S BIRTHDAY!! Today Myrthe turned old, so we celebrated by giving our aching legs a break in natural hotsprings located in the gorgeous Krabi jungle. Pampered and gorgeous, we ruined everything by joining forces with an Aussie, a Lithuanian and a Malaysian to drink Myrthe’s sorrows at being old away. All I’ll add to that is that we survived, and so did the kitten that I may or may not have nicked from a reggae bar.


October 18th: Ao Nang, Thailand.

We suffered a minor hangover.


October 19th: Penang, Malaysia.

Today, we packed our bags again and set off. And, for the first time in six weeks, headed to a new country. Malaysia. And once again we completely underestimated what we were in for. Firstly, we were expecting the border crossing to be a minor event, not much of a change. Wrong. Hat Yai and Penang are two different worlds. The moment you cross the border, the roads flatten out, the potholes are filled, the fields and trees and plants are neatly ordered. Tuktuks and Song Thaew’s vanish, replaced by BMW’s and Mercedes’.  It could easily pass for a southern European road. We were confused.

Second, we could read again! We might have forgotten that Malay uses roman lettering. And that the Malay language has dutch roots, so we could actually UNDERSTAND what was being written again for the first time in 70 days.

Thirdly, everyone speaks English. What.

Fourth, we were fully expecting Penang to be a small, undeveloped island. Major mistake, considering our minibus brought us to a gorgeous, sparkling colonial city. We need to start doing more research.

October 20th: Penang, Malaysia.

A minor disadvantage of backpacking life: all of your clothes suffer horrific deaths. Four white t-shirts were lost because of a minor laundry mistake turning them flaming pink. Another two died in the muds of Ao Nang. A jumpsuit and a dress were lost to neon paint in Koh Tao. The ones that are left are holey, stained and suffering. So today we tried to remedy that by heading to a mall. Well, two malls. Kinda three. Little bit four.

And after all of that hunting, we were the proud new owners of one new t-shirt each. Briefly, because on the way back, we noticed we were no longer carrying bags. Crap. Having already walked a good 12 kilometres, we were exhausted, but we braved the way back to the last two malls we visited. But an hour and three kilometres later, the bags were lost forever. So close.

October 21st: Penang, Malaysia.

We explored the wonders of Georgetown, Penang, in an original day: namely by following a map highlighting all the best street art in town. 10/10 would recommend.


October 22nd-25th: Langkawi, Malaysia.

Another day, another ferry. We took four days to explore the gorgeous (duty free?!) island of Langkawi. One island tour, two sky bridges, three Bolton-ers and far too many glasses of wine later, we headed back to Penang, not quite done with its colonial charm yet.


October 26th: Penang, Malaysia.

That brings us to today folks. And if you’ve been following our instagram accounts (@heyitsmyrthe, @slovakdutchie, @231daysofsun), you’ll have realised that we’re in the adorable Wheelers’ café, having a much-needed working day.

Hope that’s satisfied everyone’s curiosity as to what we’ve been up to!

More updates coming soon!


Lots of love,

Myrthe & Eva


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