Water: 1- Travellers: 0.

So… our last post was essentially a rant about how life is too awesome to waste time writing about it… today, we have a different kind of rant. Same same, but different.

So like a child who forgot to do their homework, I’ve decided to make a list of excuses why we haven’t been writing.

  1. We’ve been travelling. Okay, kinda a lame one I admit, considering that’s the whole reason we started writing in the first place but… we’ve been moving all over the place: Koh Tao to Phuket, Phuket to the Phi Phi islands, Phi Phi islands to Koh Lanta, Koh Lanta to Ao Nang. Six hostels (counting a night ferry) in thirteen days. And because we’ve been on the move constantly, we’ve tried to do our best to see as much of the places as possible, rather than writing much.. So a brief summary of the places we’ve seen goes as follows: Phuket charming, Phi Phi islands insane, Koh Lanta dead, Ao Nang wet.
  2. Myrthe’s camera broke. Yes. The worst thing has happened. Whilst faced with a swim through rocks and a treacherous climb up a rope swing to get to the infamous beach from ‘The Beach’ (ft. Leonardo di Caprio), our dry bag failed us and we now face the coming two weeks at least without Myrthe’s one true love. God help me.
  3. We had a teeny tiny minor hangover. Whilst out on the infamous Phi Phi islands, we may or may not have overdone it with a bucket of strawberry flavoured Absynth. Enough said.
  4. We’ve been bored. Last but not least, for the past four days, we’ve been bored. And yes, you’d think ‘hey cool, boredom, you’ll get some time to write!’ except we spend our days trying to find things to do, and failing,. Koh Lanta in low season is like a ghost town except ghost towns have the added excitement of being scary. Shops are shut, resorts are deserted, restaurant owners cheer if they have a single customer, bars so empty they don’t even feature the standard middle aged man drinking his sorrows away. Adding to our misery, it’s been monsoon raining every single day for the past week. And don’t you dare huff at us and call us lazy or unmotivated. ‘Maybe they’ve just lost the will to travel.’ ‘Maybe they’re not cut out for this.’ No. Hell no. We’ve gotten tuktuks to remote parts of the island to see the old town. Nothing, couldn’t entertain ourselves for half an hour because all the shops were shut. We’ve gotten long tail boats to gorgeous bays to hike up to viewpoints only to find they’ve shut the path because of the rainfall. We hired bicycles and set off only to find to our dismay only if we cycled four hours through monsoon rain across a dual carriageway would we find a viewpoint that would show us nothing because of the damned rain. And of course the things you can still do: rock climbing, cruises around the islands, scuba diving, spa days, are all nail-bitingly expensive.


So in conclusion, it’s been an odd two weeks. Days of beautiful island exploration, hiking, meeting awesome people, staying at cool hostels, seeing new cities, and days of ‘okay well we failed, today, wanna go feel sorry for ourselves with a 7-11 snack and watch ‘The Island’?

See it’s not all glamorous, this island life…

On the exciting side, our time in Thailand is slowly reaching an end… Malaysia, we’re coming for you!



The terrible travellers.

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