Badass Biddies & Boxing Babies

Guess who’s back?

Hi guys. Sorry we dropped off the radar for a bit, we’ve spent the last few days travelling around like madmen.

Since we last wrote, we took another two trains- one being the beautifully haunting Death Railway, and the second a seven-hour piece of crap which carried us from Ban Pong all the way down to the non-descript little town of Surat-Thani. We explored a deserted mall, broke a couple of minor Thai road rules, and yesterday left to Ko Samui, the infamous island in the Thai Gulf.

That night brought with it new wonders. Pole-dancing Ladyboys so attractive I wasn’t sure whether to feel heterosexual or not. A football fan having a meltdown over a Chelsea game. Another Thai singer attempting to sing Zombie without knowing the lyrics, all the while furiously humping his microphone stand. A Muay Thai tournament where everyone from old Thai men and teenage girls to boys barely out of their diapers got beat to shit for the entertainment of an all-white crowd.

And then this morning, to console us for not having slept a wink, we crawled out of bed only to find a pristine beach and crystal clear water waiting to comfort us.

But with so many events and so many places, unless I wrote you an entire essay, can’t convey it all. Thankfully we have pictures. Enjoy!

Bicycle life in Kanchanaburi
The epic Death Railway
What do you think you’re looking at?!
Mental Markets in Kanchanaburi
Views from Death Railway
Ferrying to Ko Samui
Perfect hostel views in Ko Samui
Fisherman boats in Ko Samui


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