‘Is the train… smoking?’

We peer inside the drivers cabin cautiously. The driver stood scratching his head, a hammer swinging from his right hand, gazing at the steaming dashboard. We turn away, shrug. A loud bang emerges from the cabin. Eyes widen.

‘If this thing explodes, we’re the first ones to die.’ Myrthe says. We shrug. Too late now.

To our surprise, the old beast rattles to life with an unhappy groan and lurches forward. We’re on our way!… Away from Bangkok. Yep, we’ve already escaped Bangkok. We lasted… barely two days. Hence why there hasn’t been any blogging for the last two days, there’s barely anything to report apart from big city, big temples, big hostel. Sooo… we fucked off to Ayutthaya instead.

We had a great day. Gorgeous ancient ruins (think Temple run meets minecraft), good food, good weather- what’s not to like? The only thing working against us was transport. And I mean, those shits had a conspiracy going. The tuktuks harassed us, the taxi’s refused to take us, the train was a rattly, shaky bastard with no aircon, and don’t even get me started on the bicycles.

But now that I’m started… the internet informed us that Ayutthaya was one of the most well suited towns for cycling in the entirety of Thailand. And for the most part, they were right. The going was easy as we cycled on the side of the road, passing Wat’s (temples) and elephants on the way, rolling through a pristine park. No problem. Then we decided to head to a Wat near Ayutthaya station.

And ended up on the highway.

The highway.

On bicycles.

A five lane, one way highway. And now we had to turn right. Screaming like Justin Bieber fans we stuck our arms out, raced across all five lanes, narrowly avoiding two tuktuks and a motorcycle. But, we made it. To a roundabout.

But, we made it. We did it. We’re here.

With gorgeous pictures. Enjoy ❤️



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