Bullshit barbarian EQ like a primary chicken

We were in a good mood today.

A VERY good mood.

Everything had gone to plan. Yesterday, we successfully found the bus to Yangshuo train station, made sure we stocked on snacks, got the train to Guangzhou, got the yellow subway line, then the blue one, ended up at Guangzhou North, just on time, found the ticket office, managed to get two seats on the next train to Hong Kong. Just enough time for a leisurely dinner before. Got the train, passed through border control, got the subway, walked, found our Airbnb’s building, got the key, got in bed. Perfect. Just perfect.

So it was no wonder that we woke up this morning with smiles on our faces. No more insomnia, no more food poisoning, no random deadly cramps, a perfectly chill day ahead of us. Got some breakfast, strolled around, wasted the day rubbing ourselves in perfumes and creams we couldn’t afford,  replaced two towels that had mysteriously gone missing. Managed to do our laundry, everything clean and fresh. Could this day get any better?

Oh and one last thing, we need to print our boarding passes for tomorrow. Easy peasy, what could go wrong.

‘We can stay in Thailand for three months right?’

‘Yeah yeah no visa, all good.’

‘One last check?’

Uh oh. 30 days. We’ve planned 60. And we’re leaving tomorrow. And we need to show proof of onward travel within those 30 days. And it’s 7 in the evening right now and we need to sort this out. SHIT.

Laptops open, pens in hand, working space made. Here we go. We got this. We could rent flight tickets and pretend we’re leaving Thailand but then don’t. And get caught by border control two months later and get sent to a Thai prison. Maybe not. OR we just risk it and see how it goes. Risk being banned from the flight tomorrow. Maybe not. OR we just spend 30 days there, fly to Malaysia and then spend two months in Malaysia. No thank you. Or we fly somewhere else. The Phillipines? Too pricey. Cambodia? Too pricey. Vietnam? No visa. KATHMANDU! No. No no. Eva you’re getting distracted. We could… let’s read this blog about this person who cheated Thai immigration. No use, he never left.

The answer materialised suddenly, from both our ends. Myrthe finds a flight to Malaysia for 25 euros each that we can buy just in case. Eva finds out there’s a 60 day tourist visa you can apply for once you’re in Thailand. Sorted.

Phew. Almost ruined our perfect day. Time for Game of Thrones?



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