Blame it on the bananas…

There ain’t no good without the bad, and so the bad we got.

After doing surprisingly well despite the lack of sleep, lack of nutrients, and change of scenery, I can now confirm we are downright bundles of shit. The perpetrator? A bowl of fruit.

So here’s what we learned.

  1. Fruits are cheeky bastards. If for once in two weeks you’re lazy and let somebody else prepare them, the little fuckers give you food poisoning. And we thought we’re just trying to be healthy after a diet of Cup Noodles and toast…
  2. Do not attempt to climb a mountain the day after you suffered from food poisoning. It may or may not kill you halfway, and make you run back down the mountain in desperate need of a toilet.
  3. Do not eat pizza on a stomach of which you’re not sure whether it has recovered or is simply taking a break from food poisoning.
  4. Do not take Immodium when you have IBS-D or when your name is Eva Veldhuizen. It will spazz out your intestines even further, leaving you like a tiny folded double ball of misery.
  5. Game of Thrones is a vital source of life in days of painful boredom. Make sure you are well stocked-up in order to prevent loss of sanity.


But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right? At least that was definitely true for the weather the past few days. Heavy rains and stunning skies alternate daily. That silver lining to our cloud better be good.

So. Rafting tomorrow?



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