Sweat, blisters, and brain aneurisms

Myrthe here. I know how you’ve been loving Eva’s writing so far. I hope mine won’t disappoint either:)

Sunday, August 13, 11:00am

Our hungry souls leave the apartment. Hungry for adventure (#wanderlust) but at the moment mostly hungry for food. We step inside the Three Sixty store on our way to the station. A super-deluxe-supermarket catering to Hong Kong’s upper class, and us, Westerners. Everything you shouldn’t be able to find in this country, you can find here. We spot Polderkaas for a whopping 3 euros per 100 grams, Nutella; 4 euros for a miniature jar, Skippy peanut butter, even Sainsbury’s, you name it. We buy the cheapest sushi we can find and muffins for breakfast. Every single white girl stereotype confirmed. We are too hungry to care.


We find ourselves at a station towards the South of Hong Kong island. We’re about to take a bus to Dragon’s Back hiking trail. What an epic name for a hiking trail. We drive a decent 15 minute drive up a tiny windy mountain road in a double decker made for the city, protesting heavily as it makes its way up. At a certain stop, the hiker-looking half of the people gets off the bus. We decide to ignore this sign, and happily stay on the bus until it reaches its final stop, a smelly beach town called Shek-O. We agree we have no braincells, buy a new ticket, and get back on the same bus.



We made it to Dragon’s Back hiking trail. The heat and humidity slap us in the face as we get off the bus, but nothing is going to stop us now. Up we go, up the steps, stones, rocks, paths, through the bushes and rainforest, up the Dragon’s Back. And my goodness was the view breathtaking. Literally. Breath-taking. Sweaty and hearts pounding we make it to the top, together with a bunch of Americans discussing their fear of alligators and brain aneurisms, and ‘Misery’ blasting from a speaker carried by a bunch of K-pop-looking kids. As we descend we are surprised by a much-needed rain shower to cool us down, followed by a a much-needed swim in a beyond-beautiful sea. The kind of sea with a mountain view. Yep. You may be jealous now.



With our feet happily in the cool sand we munch, no, graze, on our lunches, and are relentlessly stared at as we go for swims multiple times. Content with our day’s activities we head back towards the city, this time full kamikaze-style as our minivan driver takes on every turn like he’s in a Top Gear episode. Once we make it down alive we buy ourselves a classic dinner of Bao Bim, Cup Noodles, and chocolate chip cookies and head back to our apartment.



Having shed all the sand off our bodies, we sit in bed, blistered, burnt, but happy. And as no day can end without a bit of drama, killing, and fighting, we watch Games of Thrones, and shout at people’s stupidity as they rip each other’s heads off.

Peace, out.


4 thoughts on “Sweat, blisters, and brain aneurisms

  1. I’ve got to say; you both got a talent for writing! When you can keep this up, you’ll be writing a hilarious travel book. It might even pay your trip expenses. 😄


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